Hi there!

My name is Anja I was born in Augsburg (Bavaria, Germany) in the year 1994, raised and schooled in Chemnitz (Saxony, Germany).

I am part of the fraction DIE LINKE at the federal parliament of Saxony since the year 2014.
What does it mean to be politically left: it means to act practical in politics and to think society as a whole. If every single human whould stand for humanity as a whole he whould recognize that every individual fate and social suffering have basic causes. We have to reveal and understand those causes to achieve real changes. We can´t affort to lose tracks on populism and minor reforms. There can only exist a deep change which creates enthusiasm and hope for a better future.
The human itself is important for me. Nor his sex neither his environment but his needs and his scope are of importance.

My main focus is laying on european politics. I want to point the chances and opportunities of the EU out. I want to arbitrate between demands and interests of the opposition which are not part of any parliament and institutional policy. Also I want to fight for democratization and self-determination. Initiatives against free trade agreements in their actual form or the support of rights for refugees that happen inside and outside of parliaments are just some steps in the right direction.
As a spokeswoman for european politics I have a predominant view on the European Union and the effects on Saxony caused by the Union. But what is the European Union exactly?
Within public perception the EU is nothing more than a bureaucratic institution which is so possessed with regulations that even cucumbers are an aim of that. The “cucumber-directive” regulated the amount of curvature of cucumbers but was repealed in 2009. But the founding idea of the member states was a noble one: peace by shearing goods through a unified market. Out of six founding member states this economic union became the European Union, consisting now of 27 member states.

There are often asked questions, asked by EU citizens: “What is the EU doing for me? Are there any personal advantages?” The answer is: a lot! For example: after you completed your ERASMUS semester in a foreign country you can settle down in Ireland or Lithuania to build up your own EU certified bio company.

But the European Union has several problems and it´s image is just one of them. This supranational institution has a positive impact on the daily life of its inhabitants. But people are forgetting what this institution had done for them.
Of course the EU is not free of critique and we have to criticize this i

nstitution on every occasion. Through the last years the commission, the council and parts of the parliament fortified the Union for help seeking people in need. They build up fences instead of open borders. It also became a bureaucratic monster which is not understandable anymore for its citizens. There is also a lack of codetermination.

But there is still hope to reconfigure this institution. And therefore I will fight. We have to keep this project of peace alive and not to let it die.